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Nature being the gift of God, we invite you to have His gift. This is the time to experience the magical stay with us by exploring the mountains, greenery and organic life to its fullest. In Mountain Hut Resort, we bring together the best sceneries along with the best stay and appetite.

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RS 2750.0 +GST


This is a well furnished room with an open balcony facing the mountains, attached bathrooms with hot water facility and other toiletries, 24/7 room service,Wi-Fi, hut, cupboard, table, chairs and in-room dining facility,LED TV etc.

RS 2750.0 +GST

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RS 3800.0 +GST


Suite room offers a combination of dining room and kitchen (extra charge for utility) along with bed room. A spacious bathroom, toiletries, balcony, Wi-Fi, television facility, well furnished kitchen, basic utensils, dining table and chairs arranged for a perfect dining experience, are all provided in the suite room.

RS 3800.0 +GST

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RS 9000.0 +GST

This is a combination of 2 Deluxe rooms and 1 suite room. Multiple spacious bathrooms, dining room, kitchen (extra charge for utility) , dining table, Wi-Fi, television facility, chairs, sofa, hut, toiletries, camp fire etc. are all available to the guests preferring cottage to be their mode of stay.

RS 9000.0 +GST


Camp Fire

When the sun is down and the moonlight pours upon the camp fire on top of the mountain, it will increase the aesthetics of your surrounding and 360 degree view of the same can make it a much effective experience. Enjoying with your family around this camp fire will be the best fun time you have ever had. The venue for the camp fire and other facilities will be arranged by us.

Jeep Safari

Munnar is an exquisite location offering some of the most scenic and spellbinding sights. We arrange jeep safari for our guests and ride them to some of the most interesting farm places that gives a refreshing mood altogether. Safari also extends to waterfalls and even to the tribal settlements, where the guest can learn and identify a completely new set of lifestyle.


In our resort, we also provide barbeque facility for the customers. Tasty meat can be grilled, smoked and cooked with your family and friends. The barbeque setup installed here is completely hygienic and clean. On demand, the meat will be provided by us, so that you can grill, eat and have fun. We assure you that your health is our responsibility.


Self-cooking is entertained in our resort, as we are much liberal to our customers and make policies accordingly. Complete freedom is given to the customers to cook their own food. It can be either non-vegetarian food or vegetarian food. Water facility is provided by us for drinking purpose. Both hot water and cold water will be provided to the customers on demand.


Being adventurous makes you feel confident and entertained at the same time, so we offer you the best trekking experience beyond your imagination. Munnar is an ocean of mountains and hill stations, and the trekking we provide is daring. We provide all the safety measures so that you can have a wonderful experience altogether.


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